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Steve Graham

Steve Graham photo courtesy of Steve GrahamSteve Graham is an award-winning freelance Web and magazine writer living in a Fort Collins, Colorado, neighborhood that will soon produce all of its own energy. He is a former newspaper reporter, editor and designer. He has worked for an alternative weekly and community newspapers in Colorado, and a large daily newspaper in California. Find links to some of his other writing at his Grahamophone blog.

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Go Green and Make Gold
Entrepreneurs and environmentalists don’t need to clash. There are plenty of opportunities for companies large and small to make money while practicing sustainability and incorporating other ecologically sound business approaches. Can’t we all just get along?
The Faint Green Tint of Factory Farms
Thursday, 25 April 2013 00:00  |  Written by Steve Graham | Blog Entry

Pig photo by Just ChaosMass feedlots and slaughterhouses are inhumane and dangerous—and they generate disease and pollution along with their cheap meat. But corporate agriculture giants are driving innovative renewable energy developments. So all is forgiven. Not really, but it goes to show that everything’s not as black and white as the 1906 stockyard photos from Upton Sinclair’s Jungle days. Read on…

Don’t be Greenwashed by Company Annual Reports
Friday, 18 January 2013 00:00  |  Written by Steve Graham | Blog Entry

Annual Report photo by Dominic AlvesIt’s time for companies to release another round of annual reports, which for some becomes a major greenwashing opportunity. Many businesses also generate separate corporate social-responsibility reports that largely focus on environmental and labor practices. These days most firms want to jump on the sustainability bandwagon—or at least appear to be on board. To be sure, many are reducing their carbon and water footprints, and taking important strides toward protecting the environment. But some only say they are. Read on…

This Thanksgiving, I’m (Somewhat) Thankful for Corporate America
Sunday, 18 November 2012 00:00  |  Written by Steve Graham | Blog Entry

Nike-Apple iPod photo by luisvillaAs a good environmentalist, I know I’m supposed to be thankful for organic food, the national parks and the nonprofit Defenders of Wildlife. I am, but I’m also unexpectedly thankful this year for corporate America. Large companies that I have ignored, boycotted and even protested are now friends of the environment. Here are a few good firms, or at least firms doing good things: Read on…

Can PB & J Save the World Starting This Earth Day?
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 10:00  |  Written by Steve Graham | Blog Entry

Making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich photo by SyvwlchThis Earth Day, many cafeterias will be celebrating with a simple culinary classic that saves money and resources—while inspiring inexpensive, effortless sustainability: the peanut butter and jelly (PB & J) sandwich.

Sodexo, which runs college, corporate, hospital and nursing-home cafeterias, is turning to PB & J to honor the Earth. The idea is to convince its 10 million customers to eat plant-based meals, such as peanut butter and jam, that are “low on the food chain.” Read on…

Green Web Hosting Reviews: Help Shrink Your Website’s Carbon Footprint
Thursday, 01 March 2012 00:00  |  Written by Steve Graham | Blog Entry

Server photo by Jamison Judd Web hosting is not an inherently environmental practice. Even eco-conscious websites like EcoHearth require big, hot, electric computer servers. Unlike an iPod, you can’t recharge a server with a miniature solar panel. In 2005, computer servers around the world consumed the equivalent of 14 standard power plants—that’s enough energy for about 14 million homes. The figure has surely increased substantially since 2005. But you don’t have to use trainloads of coal to run your website. Several companies offer Web hosting services powered by renewable energy. Read on…

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Take a “stay-cation” or vacation closer to home. Reduce your carbon footprint by staying home for vacation. If you do travel, stay as close to home as possible and use public transportation to reach your destination.  >More tips...

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