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Joy Nicholson

Joy Nicholson photo courtesy of Joy NicholsonJoy Nicholson lives in New Mexico with her husband where they have a special-needs dog rescue. She has published two novels, The Tribes of Palos Verdes: A Novel and The Road to Esmeralda: A Novel, but is mainly interested in non-fiction animal-welfare issues now.

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Hairy Interloper at Rancho de Chihuahua
Saturday, 28 April 2012 10:00  |  Written by Joy Nicholson | Blog Entry

Shihtzu Closeup photo by Meagan J. Wooley We’ve got a hairy interloper here. With quite a few teeth.

Yes, damned if we haven’t added a wayward on-his-way-to-the-gallows Shih Tzu. When we looked up his breed, the name made me laugh in a juvenile way. A ‘shit-zoo?’ ‘Cause that’s what we need here? We don’t take enough shit in our zoo already?

Bad pun. But I adore bad puns!

So, sir Shih Tzu showed up with scrungy food in his beard, a bad case of worms, and a general ugliness problem. I think it’s his haircut. But he might just be hideous. And he had a bad attitude. He bit my face, threw a few tantrums, got all in the grill of my best Buddy, and so I knew he was right for us here. A true nightmare.

A Truly Weird Dude. But with a beard and mustache and lots of bodily hirsuteness, too. I generally like my dogs clean-shaven and with facial surfaces that self-clean quickly. Wet-Naps are not my thing.

Anyway, we’re doing the usual feral treatment—wormwood tincture, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, a bit of thyme. He hates it. But it’s working out well for his worms. Or actually not so well for them.

Worm-Killer, Face-Biter gets a loooong off-leash hike—five miles a day, as all our biters do to cure their ‘excessive energy.’ He loves every minute of it, and is getting more and more lovey-dovey. (Though my face is still healing, so I’m putting off lovey-doveyness for a bit. I’m vain enough to want half a profile.) The long hikes really work, though! Especially if you can give the recalcitrant ‘lovers’ an off-leash experience to let them smell and sniff as they want.

Wormy had been labeled as ‘impossible,” and he very well may be. But for now he’s my little shiht. And I’m hoping for the best. And any advice about ‘biters’ is welcome!

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Comments (2)add
Written by Renee van Asten , April 29, 2012
Joy, it has been 100 years since we talked ! But I read everything you write faithfully, including that book Steve co-wrote about Abundance ! I relate to your hairy Landshark. I am, as we speak, taking care of one 9 year old Rottweiler, the anti-dote to Chihuahuas. She is ...well...huge ! And I dote on her. And to boot, there is now a 5 months old "Puppy Rottie" the size of 10 Chi's at 55 pounds, which bodes a body to come of over 100 of those pounds. To my chagrin, he is like your hairy mop friend and is a Shitty Sue machine with a piddle complex included. So that is why I relate to your story. And the bite he deposited upon my lip is finally healed. My ego had no time to waste on this swollen part of my visage as I was too busy with his waste all over ! I am pining to meet all of my favorite Chi's and assorted addages again. So we should schedule a visit to catch up on the latest horor stories so we can crash to the floor laughing. Deal ? Love you lots, Renee.
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Written by Erin Shannon , April 29, 2012
Kinda reminds me of my master-of-destruction dog Bindi who I adopted about 7 or 8 years ago. But, she's my dog and I love her. And handsome hairless Dobby is still the love of my life! He's a little angel, and he now has a tiny hairless chihuahua brother named Pixel to pal around with too.
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