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Joy Nicholson

Joy Nicholson photo courtesy of Joy NicholsonJoy Nicholson lives in New Mexico with her husband where they have a special-needs dog rescue. She has published two novels, The Tribes of Palos Verdes: A Novel and The Road to Esmeralda: A Novel, but is mainly interested in non-fiction animal-welfare issues now.

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Confessions of a Garlic Geek
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 00:00  |  Written by Joy Nicholson | Blog Entry

Garlic Bulb photo by LowjumpingfrogI hate to be a geek brand-whore, especially ‘cuz I’m not paid by any company. (That sounds so luxurious, to be paid by a company, eh? Think of company-provided hotels and massages. Mmm!) But Kyolic Garlic is the company I buy from as far as garlic health stuff is concerned. With no discount. No love. Total capitalism. And full price. I promise if I drop dead they won’t send a wreath.

Anyway, I trust Kyolic. I buy them. No issue. No money. No massage. (sad face!)

But this dried garlic works. (Jeez-is-this-expensive face!)

It’s about more than me—I’m talking life more important than me. I’m talking about my homies and me. My rescue dogs and me. My Chihuahuas. Me ‘n my homies all take Kyolic garlic in the winter. I take formula 105—they take the gentlest formula they need.

My pills I just swallow. My little guys might need theirs whipped up with a tuna shake—and the oldest guys need it hand-fed to them. With a bit of gentling prescription food.

We are known here for having ‘hospice’ dogs live a very happy, long life.

My guess is: it’s the dried garlic/honey/herbal preparation.

My guess is: if we had more massages—umm!—life would be even better.

Ahhh…massages as health helpers. Better ‘n drugs! Sorry. Did I say that out loud?

In any case, we do dried garlic. And it helps. A lot.

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