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Environmentally Friendly Baby-Shower Gifts for the Green Mother-to-Be
Friday, 01 June 2012 10:00  |  Written by Jessica Dallas | Blog Entry

Baby on Patemm Pad photo by Jessica DallasOne of my favorite things to do is incorporate old and new into baby shower gifts. I like to inspire new parents with existing green products that are on the market (new) while at the same time tucking in some of my favorite homemade baby-food recipes. I also tend to add something into the package that’s for mom and dad exclusively to chronicle their birth journey.

The eco-friendly Patemm changing pad serves as a handy dandy carrier for all of my personalized goodies and fulfills its function (rather stylishly I might add) as the “new” product. Patemm pads are great because they are round (perfect for squirmy babies like mine), can be easily rinsed off if assaulted by baby goo, and are BPA and pthalate free. They also don’t scream “parent approaching” like a diaper bag does and fold neatly like origami over your contents (typically wipes and diapers). Most importantly they are machine washable in addition to looking completely adorable.

The second content I add is a collection of my favorite baby food recipes. My avocado-banana cubes are crowd pleasers; so are my kid’s favorite, sweet potato-strawberry stew. These recipes are simple to make and bound to alleviate some of the stress parents face when confronted with the wall-o-jarred-food at their local grocery. They’re fool proof to prepare as well.

For avocado-banana cubes: mash up a banana and avocado, blend with a bit of citrus juice to retain color and freeze in a ice cube tray… For sweet potato-strawberry stew: cook a sweet potato thoroughly, mash it up and blend away the strings in a food processor, add a splash of organic whole milk and the guts of a few strawberries.

Then I move onto my favorite component: the personalized gift. One of the best is a journal for mom and dad to write about their journey toward parenthood and their eventual arrival. I usually include a sample letter I wrote to my first born when he was at 3 months gestation that describes my gratitude for his presence after so much loss and my excitement to soon meet him face to face.

I encourage folks to continue writing after the birth of their children in order to, at some point, pass the journal along to them once they have transitioned into independent living. How neat, I always think, to be able to reflect upon your parents joy, doubts and anticipation just as you are about to embark on a similar journey.

Finally, I will address mom alone in my gift, as she is the one who gets to go through the birth process and can always use some support. As a proponent of Lamaze, I follow the tradition of my instructor and also enclose a tiny bead or charm that represents who this new mother is to me. I try to send out an email beforehand to the other folks who will be present at the shower suggesting that they also bring a charm or bead. During the course of the shower we construct a homemade bracelet for mom to wear as she goes in for delivery that reminds her of the love and encouragement she has from her support group.

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Written by Bryan , December 12, 2009
Another great resource to check out is All the skincare products on the site meet the highest standards from the EWG Skin Deep database.
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