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Avocados: Nature’s Perfect Food for Baby, Mom and… You
Friday, 18 July 2014 00:00  |  Written by Jessica Dallas | Blog Entry

Avocados photo by Nate SteinerAvocados are celebrated by raw-foodists the world over. Their bumpy green exterior disguises an internal delight that—once “cracked open”—is the fruit equivalent of butter… the creamiest and dreamiest base to build decadently raw treats upon.

Avocados are also a great staple to carry with you as a parent. They require no tools to prepare other than a spoon to remove the pit and a fork to mash the contents. And, by eating them, your kid will be magically transported to the land of omega 3s. “Happy baby, happy mama,” I like to say.

They are also a fantastic first-food option for your infant due to their unique texture and consistency, with a protein structure akin to mother’s milk and just as easily digestible. Not bad considering the refined alternative, single-grain cereal. No refinery needed for nature’s perfect food: just mash it up and deliver it down the old hatch.

Our six-month-old loves them. We’ve actually forgone the traditional jarred-baby-food route in favor of avocados and bananas—two fruits that do not require cooking for an infant’s enjoyment.

My baby and I will share a bit of avocado and banana blended together, first thing in the morning. Here’s a quick lesson for those of you who are new to this handy staple:

  1. Avocados are harvested when they’re still unripe, so oftentimes those you purchase from the store will require a few days of ripening time. A ripe avocado is soft to pressure but not overly squishy.
  2. Before slicing, roll the avocado on the counter to separate the meat from the shell.
  3. A quick lengthwise cut with a knife around the seed allows you to pull the two halves apart, after a simple twist of the wrists, exposing the pit.
  4. Remove the pit with a spoon. (FYI: If you have older kids, it’s a fun activity to place the pit, suspended by three toothpicks, in a glass of water to see if it will sprout.)
  5. Scoop out the meat.
  6. Mash the meat with a fork and blend with a bit of banana if you’d like some added sweetness and pizzazz. Hello potassium!
  7. Eat what you can and freeze the rest in an ice-cube tray for later. If you sprinkle in a little bit of lemon juice it will retain its color. You can thaw it out at a later date to mix with your baby’s favorite grains or enjoy “as is.”

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Written by , August 05, 2009
Hey! following you from BMC (as I eat an avocado as a snack ironically!)
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Written by jn , August 02, 2009
Just to say--dogs love avo's too! As a treat, or blended in their food as a skin conditioner. We, who are not blessed to live in avo-growing areas must often use them as a treat, because of the expense. And a lovely treat they are--for humans and canines alike....mmmm...
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