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Paper Roses photo by CirofonoMother’s Day is soon approaching and so is the search for this year’s perfect gift. Will it be the obligatory greeting card and flowers or will you go with something more creative and offbeat? Either way, we hope you make it green. To help, we’ve narrowed down the list to a few eco-friendly suggestions in the categories of bath, beauty, fashion and chocolate. There’s even a cool and comical flower alternative for the steadfast flower-loving mom. These are all gifts that will please both your birth mother and your Earth mother.

Earth-Friendly Roses
Fake flowers are no longer just plastic and silk parlor decorations found only in stuffy rooms with vinyl-covered furniture covers. Elephant Poo Paper Roses add a modern appeal to any room with their stylish cut and sustainability. Made of crafted, odorless, dried elephant dung, these flowers promote conservation of the endangered species. Ironically, these poo-flowers are completely sanitary while the fresh-cut flowers of the floriculture industry are grown with 50 times more pesticide and fungicides than are allowed in food products and may put field workers at serious health risk.

Eco Luxurious Bath Salts
For the discerning bather, choosing products that are natural, organic and free of harmful preservatives is essential to the relaxing bath experience. For what goes on the skin goes in the body. That’s why we love EO Organic's Time Out Eucalyptus & Arnica Bath Salts. They are made from a relaxing blend of Himalayan pink salt and California sun-dried sea salts, natural fragrances and lathering agents, and no petroleum-based ingredients, SLS or paraben, common potentially carcinogenic commercial ingredients. These bath salts have an EWG ‘Skin Deep’ cosmetic safety rating of zero, which means that they have the lowest toxicity-level score based on the evaluation of more than 50,000 commercial ingredients. So Mom can really put her mind to rest and enjoy the serenity of a long soak.

Natural Facial Masks
Kimberly Sayer of London’s cosmetics has received a lot of notice for their green skincare, as well they should. With organic vegetarian ingredients, first picked from her parents’ organic farm, Kimberly Sayer created professional-quality organic cosmetics and even patented a plant “pseudo-collagen” that renews cells and rebuilds collagen and elastin. This makes for products that go beyond garden-variety skincare. And they come in recyclable containers. Choose the Hydrating Antioxidant Facial Mask or the Deep Cleansing French Clay Mask for Mom to incorporate into her weekly beauty regimen and she’ll appreciate the quality that spas have embraced worldwide.

Vegan Shoes
We all know that Mother Nature loves a vegan, so Mom will surely appreciate the TOMS selection of vegan shoes— especially in light of TOMS ‘One for One’ campaign, which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair purchased. And she can give without giving up her fashion sense! TOMS has shoes to fit every style and personality, Check out the wrap boot. It’s a stylish statement in whichever height you choose to wrap-up, whether ankle or mid-calf. Stylish and sustainable, Mom can feel and look good with a pair of TOMS vegan shoes.

Reusable Shopping Bag Set
If you’d like to give Mom a sampler set of something that will be useful and last a long time (unlike chocolate or flowers), try the Reuseit Reusable Shopping Bag Sampler Set. It’s a great gift that hits the three Rs—reduce, reuse and recycle—all at once. Made from post-consumer recycled PET bottles, the basic Workhorse bag helped reduce the number of plastic bottles that ended up in landfills by 200,000 within its first year on the market. Since then, the folks at Reuseit have contributed to the reusable-bag industry by continuing to offer sturdy, sustainable and lifetime-guaranteed products at competitive prices. What’s more, as a 1% for the Planet member and by participating in fair-trade/fair-wage practices, Reuseit contributes a portion of their profits to environmental activism and helps workers (including other mothers) earn enough money to feed their families. Now that’s a lot of prepackaged goodness in these eco-friendly reusable bags.

Candy Bar Library
Vosges brings sustainability to high-class chocolate with their Haute Chocolat Organic Exotic Candy Bar Library. Not only have the chocolatiers at Vosges used organic ingredients to craft these chocolate bars, but they are produced with “100% renewable energy.” Now if that doesn’t impress your mother, trust us, Vosgues’ flavors will. Masterfully mixing original combinations, the Library offers a variety of delectable treats for Mom to enjoy such as their Organic Chocolate and Peanut Butter Bonbon Bar, made up of a soft, peanut butter center surrounded by 45% cacao milk chocolate, or one of several samplers. Whatever you choose, mothers will surely savor these green, decadent treats.

Whatever the gift, the old adage is true: it’s really the thought that counts. But showing your appreciation to your mother is made that much more meaningful (and thoughtful) if you show respect for the Earth as well. Certainly, an eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift will give new meaning to the phrase, “You mean the world to me, Mom!”

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Written by Maggie Baxter , May 09, 2010
Pardon the pun -- but HOLY CRAP roses made from elephant dung?! How interesting!
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